We're happy to let you know that our second color - Olivine, is in the process of being packaged. We will be doing this in batches as happened with Carmine Rose since not all of it is dyed right now. But we hope it available to all Society Member Shops in the next 2-3 weeks. The good news is, it's in progress so it won't be too much longer now. To whet your appetite for this lovely color here is a photo of one of the skeins. This is a medium light to medium yellow green that works nicely with Carmine Rose (and with our samples of the remaining 3 colors yet to be dyed).

We're finally caught up with our shipments of Carmine Rose. The last dye batch has gone out to our member shops so any of you still waiting should get your Carmine Rose very soon.

The next Society thread color will be a lovely yellow-green which is being dyed in the next several days. Once we've received the skeins of it we'll take a photo and post it here so you can see a preview of it.

The Society is hoping to have fabric early in December. It will depend on when the base fabric gets to the dyer. So, think good linen thoughts for us!