Two more little samples

I've finished the Reindeer and started on JBW Designs' The Queen Bee. This one will be a little bigger at 2.5". The needle pictured is a Bohin #28 to give some sense of scale.

Stitched with Inca Gold and Olivine.

JBW Designs - The Queen Bee #216

Stitched with Cocolat

I've finished up with my samples using Northern Lights and Olivine. I has have an early photo of what I'm working on for the Cocolat. This is the continuation of working some of Judy at JBW Designs, lovely little tone-on-tone designs.

French Country Bunny - #167

Stitched with Northern Lights

French Country Pear - #169

Stitched with Olivine

French Country V - #159

Work in progress with Cocolat

Inca Gold

Carmine Rose

Here are the final two colors in Series #1. The blue is called Northern Lights (thanks to Janice @ Traditional Stitches for the name). The brown is called Cocolat - an homage to one of both Anne (Gloriana Threads) and Cathe's favorite chocolate shops in Berkeley (long since gone).

We plan to send the Northern Lights in late March/early April and Cocolat in late April/early May.

If you look at the JBW Alphabet Pumpkin in the photos of a previous post you'll see the Cocolat as the stem (and the Olivine as a tiny vine).

Here is the set of Series #1 colors (remember, photos online never do them justice).

Carmine Rose, Olivine, Inca Gold, Northern Lights, Cocolat

More Stitched Samples

Here are two lovely little JBW Designs perfect for stitching with Soie Surfine. Both are stitched over one one 40 count Graziano Ricamo Ivory. I like this particular fabric for over one with the Soie Surfine because it's a dense bodied fabric. The pieces are very small, when I cut the fabric I stitched the Amour design on a piece 3x4 and just held it in my hand. The pumpkin was just a slightly larger piece of fabric at 4x4. I've not yet decided how to finish them off, I may turn them into a fob or one of my soldered necklaces. Time will tell. But I thought you would enjoy seeing more samples of what you can do with your hand-dyed Soie Surfine from the Society of Soie Surfine!

JBW French Country Amour #179
1 1/8" x 1 1/4"
Stitched with Carmine Rose

JBW Alphabet Pumpkin #201
1 5/8" x 1 1/8"
Stitched with Inca Gold