With delays in getting fabric and the holidays we're behind on our schedule for the next thread color and fabric. But both are in the dyeing queue! We have received some of the third color - Inca Gold and some of the fabric - Society Charm. It will be awhile before they are sent to all the member shops as we get remaining thread and fabric dyed and packaged. But here's a preview to whet your appetite!

Inca Gold - 100yd skein

Inca Gold packages on a ring

Society Charm fabric
40 count

Society Charm with
Carmine Rose, Olivine & Inca Gold

The fabric is a Vintage color so has some mottling in it. There is a slight redish-brown cast to it, which works well with the colors in Series #1. Society members will be able to order extra fabric during Series #1 so once you get your fabric you can order more if you fall in love with it. We certainly think it's a winner!