Photos of Soie Surfine Stitching

The photos below are with the first two samples of hand-dyed Soie Sufine (neither is available as they were tests). All were stitched by Cathe at Needle In a Haystack on 45 count Lakeside Linens with one strand of hand-dyed Soie Surfine over 2 fabric threads. The needle pictured in the first photo is a #28 Bohin Tapestry needle, which will give you a little sense of the scale.

The original "accidental" color of what lead to the Society wanting to hand-dye this thread is the one pictured here. It's Cathe's favorite color from Gloriana Threads and only exists in Soie Surfine in her stash. The design is a motif from Quaker Season of Friendship (see below) which is a large sampler but has a wide range of motifs useful for small things. The fabric is Lakeside Linens 45 count Vintage Luna.

The seahorse is from the same Quaker Friendship Sampler and is done in the second test for the Society thread. We wanted to see how a tone-on-tone color would work with the Soie Surfine. The fabric is Lakeside Linens 45 count Vintage Luna.

As you will be able to see from our first offering (Carmine Rose) the tone-on-tone idea works out great in this thread and that tone-on-tone look is the basis for all our Series #1 thread colors.

The squirrels and acorn are from the same sampler design as above. This was stitched with the original color thread on 45 count Vintage Sand Dune. There was no attempt made to control the color progression, it just worked out that way.

This sample (also in the original color) is blackwork over 2 on 45 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Luna. It's from a book of blackwork designs by Laura J. Perin.

This is the Quaker Seasons of Friendship from Crown & Thistle aka R&R Reproductions (it's a photo from the cover of the design). It is a wealth of Quaker motifs. Your Society Member shop should be able to order it for you if they don't have it in stock.

Any motif sampler will give you some great options for use with our Society of Soie Surfine thread.

We hope when you join the Society and receive your first thread, that you will go forth and create beautiful stitched works!