Here is another sample of the hand-dyed Soie Surfine, this time on 40 count. The reindeer on the left is done over 2 with 1 strand. The reindeer on the right is 1 strand over 1 thread. The line below them is done with 2 strands over 2. The needle is a Bohin Tapestry 28 to give scale.

Stitching 1 strand over 2 on 40 count gets you the somewhat sparse look. Over 1 you get a very dense, tightly packed design. To make the work really stand out using 2 strands gives a very stitched design.

The thread used in this sample is more of the original color from Cathe's stash so it's got more color change that our Series #1 colors will have. The reindeer is also from the Quaker Friendship Sampler chart mentioned in previous photo posts.