All my models are done for Series #1 and turned into their finished work. Amor is a necklace, which I wear on a chain. The other pieces are currently intended to be ornaments, although that might change. These pieces will be going on the road to the Society Member shops so you can see them in person if one of our Member shops is near you. First stop will be Stitchville USA. If you're planning to attend Deb's Spring Fling April 23-25 with Blackbird Designs, these little gems will be there to take a closer look at. Stay tuned for more travel details!

French Country Amor - #179

Carmine Rose

French Country Pear - #169


Alphabet Pumpkin - #201

Inca Gold

French Country Bunny - #167

Northern Lights

French Country V - #159


I've finished up turning my little Series #1 stitched pieces into glass pieces. The heart (Amor) was turned into a necklace, which I've worn to the shop a couple of times. The other pieces, which I'll provide pictures for later, are intended to be something I can hang like an ornament.

French Country - Love is the next piece I've finished and it's a preview of the first color in Series #2 (Aubergine). Again this is stitched on 40 count Graziano linen over 1 thread. It too will get turned into a necklace when I have some spare time.

To see the other pieces I've stitched with some of personal stash of Soie Surfine (some colors only exist in my stash) visit my personal blog.

I hope you're enjoying my little stitching excursions in the Society of Soie Surfine - Cathe!