FAQ - General Questions

  • What is Soie Surfine?
    Soie Surfine is a 130/2 tightly twisted silk thread from Au ver á Soie.
  • What's the difference between Soie Surfine and Soie 100/3?
    As the weight indications would imply Soie Surfine is thinner than Soie 100/3. Soie Surfine is twisted with 2 strands of silk vs. 3 used in Soie 100 and is about 25% - 30% thinner. You can feel the weight difference with your fingers or even better, you can view it with a microscope. Both are supple threads that do not untwist like Soie d'Alger so they hold their shape and stitch smoothly.
  • Is the Society thread a skein or a spool?
    Because this is a hand-dyed thread it will come as a skein.
  • What count fabric does it work best on?
    Soie Surfine works great as a single strand on 40 or 45 count. We have stitched with it both over one or over two on these counts. Over two on 45 count gives great coverage, it's sparser on 40 count over two so if you want it too look full, use two strands. Over one on 40 count works better than over one on 45 count if using cross-stitch - it's a little too plump but it's still lovely. If you want to do over one on 45 count do a half-cross or tent stitch. You can use it on other counts but you will need to use more than one strand. The colors are aligned in the skein so stitching with more than one strand isn't a problem.
  • Are there designs for the thread?
    There are no specific designs, either for the hand-dyed Society thread or the solid colors. However, we're sure everyone has great designs they would love to stitch with this thread. Any designs that are a single color or tone-on-tone work great. You can find photos of some of them on the blog.
  • Does Soie Surfine come in solid colors?
    The Society is having the thread dyed in part because availability of the solid colors is very limited. Au ver á Soie makes Soie Surfine in several solid colors but only a small portion of that is available in the US at any given time. The Society has worked with the US distributor to bring in few of the colors in sufficient quantity so that it would be available for those wanting solid colors. Contact your Society Member Shop to see what we've been able to get for solid colors from Au Ver á Soie.