FAQ - Series #2

  • Is the skein one continuous thread or cut?
    Series #2 Threads are available either as 100yd cut skeins or 200yd uncut skeins. Both are hand-twisted and bagged. The color is aligned in the skein so you can easily use one or more strands.
  • What threads colors are part of Series #2?
    Three of five thread colors have been picked - Aubergine (deep purple), Flowers of Italy (an multi-colored thread with purple-burgundy, gold and green) and Cabernet (the purple-burgundy in FOI). The remaining 2 colors have not been picked yet. Four of the colors will be tone-on-tone color and will coordinate with each other as well as with the custom color of Lakeside Linens fabric we're calling Society Thyme.
  • Can I sign-up now or later?
    You can sign-up for Series #2 until approximately 30 days after we have released our last color. We plan to release colors about 2 months apart. Whenever you sign-up you will receive all the of colors released for Series #2 up to that time as well as any not yet released as they become available. If you wait until the end of Series #2 you would get all of the threads and the fabric in one shipment.
  • Can I order more of a Series #2 thread or fabric?
    You can order more of the Series #2 thread colors and fabric until the end of Series #2. Additional thread and fabric is only available to Series #2 Subscribers. We will take orders for additional thread and fabric until approximately 30 days after our last color is released. At that time all colors will become unavailable.
  • Can I order a different count of fabric?
    We are only doing Society Cuts in the 40 and 45 count as part of the subscription. But you can order a a Society Cut in the other count or you can order a Stitcher's Half of 28, 32, 36, 40 or 45 count as additional yardage. Additional fabric is only available to Series #2 Subscribers.
  • How often are the releases?
    We plan to release the colors about 2 months apart. Timing is not exact since we have to get the base thread from France, which can sometimes take a bit and fabric from Italy and Germany.
  • When will the fabric be released?
    The fabric - Society Thyme will be our second release and is expected in April/May 2011.